MSSS Tennis Club

MSSS Tennis Club

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1]有权报名专为会员设计的初级培训班,课时6节,历时6周(2月29号-4月4号 ,3月2号-4月6日,3月5日-4月9日)共计9小时的学习时间。每班人数不超过12人(详情请见邮件后文);



4]不定期组织会员观看网球教程视频、网球比赛录像、集锦, 以及其他与网球相关的有趣视频。






「课时」六周(2月29号-4月4号 ,3月2号-4月6日, 3月5日-4月9日)每周一节,一次1.5时。


「课程地点」Tennis Court A, B, C.(南門彩虹小巴站旁)

「课程费用」350 HKD


Lau Chiu Ki 刘绍其

1美国Emporia State University体育硕士

2美国RPT 注册网球教练



Dear All,

Welcome to join MSSS tennis club! With our help, tennis novices no longer need to complain about the difficulty to enroll in the university’s tennis courses, and those who have strong interest are able to really learn tennis now; the tennis amateurs can have more friends to play with and have the opportunity to enhance their tennis skills. If you feel that long and tedious work makes your body tired, and if you’d like to make your life more colorful and rich, now you can pick up your racket and join us; you can also own smooth hitting and quick move on the tennis court!


We will provide the following services for the club members:

1] Professional tennis classes 1.5 hours per week, in six weeks. (Feb 29th—April 4th, March 2nd—April 6th ,March 5th — April 9th-) Class is for primary level and senior level. The maximum capacity is 12 persons in one class (for more details see below).

2] Enough balls will be provided free in all club activities.

3] We’ll set online groups for you to more conveniently make friends and play tennis together.

4] Watching tennis teaching videos together, and videos or highlights of tennis matches, some interesting videos about tennis as well.

To learn further details, please click the link below:


[Cost] Membership for one semester–20HKD

          Membership for one year–30HKD

          Membership for two years–50HKD

          Tuition for tennis class:  350HKD


Details about the tennis classes:

The tennis professional class is an essential part of the MSSS Tennis Developing Program, and it’s an activity led by MSSS cooperating with professional tennis coaches. It’s intended for all hkust students and aims to provide opportunities for the beginners to learn tennis, and tennis enthusiasts to further improve the tennis level.

「Course contents」Primary

「Class hours」six weeks, one hour and a half per week. For class time, please select in the link form, because we try to ensure that the class size is nearly 12 people, and we will confirm with you the class schedule according to your choices.

「Class Location」Tennis Court A, B, C.

「Course Fee」350HKD 

「Coach’s Profile」

Lau Chiu Ki

1 Master of Sports in Emporia State University, U.S…

2 US RPT-registered tennis coach.

3 Former Sports Instructor (golf & tennis) in HKU and HKUST.

Thank you, all MSSS members, we look forward to your participation!


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