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Job (Intern) opportunities on autonomous driving project at Ygomi China
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Job (Intern) opportunities on autonomous driving project at Ygomi China
Seeking algorithm engineer/scientist in autonomous driving project at Ygomi China

Ygomi (Chengdu, China) is now recruiting talents worldwide for its autonomous driving project Road Database which aims to develop next-generation high-resolution 3D map. The project is with close partnership with world’s leading vehicle manufacturers including Continental, Toyota, GM, etc.

Various positions are now provided:
• Computer vision algorithm engineer
• Deep-learning algorithm engineer
• Navigation & localization algorithm engineer
• Math expert (matrix algebra, statistics, non-linear optimization)

Competency and Skills:
• Master or PhD degree in computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, applied math, physics, or related major
• Strong research skills including but not limited to excellent math foundation, independent thinking, literature exploring capability, hands-on experience on programming
• Research experience in computer vision/image processing/machine learning/deep learning is preferred
• Paper-publishing experience on peer-reviewed journals or conferences on computer vision, image processing is highly preferred
• Passionate, open-minded, with good team spirit, and results-oriented.
• Effective English communication skills both orally and literally.

In addition, we also provide positions for:
• C++ developer
• JAVA developer
• Database engineer
• iOS developer
• Mac OS developer
• Web front-end developer
• QT developer
• GIS engineer

Contact: Tongheng Chen
Tel: +86 28 8533 0875  
Ygomi Information Services (Chengdu) Co., Ltd
High-tech Zone of Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC 610041, China
08-09-2017 01:37 PM
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