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【实习体验】Wealth Management Experience Program 2016
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心 【实习体验】Wealth Management Experience Program 2016
Utopia财富管理顾问团队 Wealth Management Experience Program 2016开始招募

Wealth Management has become one of the most popular terms recently. However, the young generation nowadays is lacking knowledge of financial management and interpersonal skills, which are very important to their future life. That’s why we have the passion to organize the Wealth Management Experience Program every year.

Program Objectives:
Basic understanding on assets management & risk management
­Improve interpersonal skills & professional image
­Learn industry analysis
­Overall personal finance knowledge

­Reference letter will be presented to the students who complete ALL sessions;
­Internship opportunities will be offered to the students who complete ALL sessions;
­Wealth Management Trainee contract will be offered to the outstanding candidates.

­Opportunity to win scholarship.

Program Description:
­Experiencing personal wealth management in an innovative way;
­Having the basic knowledge and updated information in the wealth management industry delivered by professionals;

Program Schedule:
Phase 1: 2016.03.12 (Saturday) 10:00-­17:30
­Phase 2: 2016.03.19 (Saturday) 10:00­-17:30
­Phase 3: 2016.03.22 (Tuesday) 19:00­-20:30
­Phase 4: 2016.04.09 (Saturday) 10:00­-17:30

Location: 6/F, AIA Hong Kong Tower, 734 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (MTR Quarry Bay C exit)


Application and Selection Procedure:
­Applicant should submit CV to Steven Wang by email at:
(Ref.: Application for WMEX 2016)

­Application deadline: 2016.03.04 (Friday)

­All applicants will be interviewed.

Limited seats! Don't miss the chance! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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02-16-2016 08:08 PM
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