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Welcome to MSSS dancing club

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MSSS dancing club

Our committee members at present include
Jing Yu, Lulin Quan, Ni Xie, Rong Zhang, Kris Pan, Jun Jiang, Ke Xu, Pengcheng Hu, Thusitha Chandrapala, Xinjiang Wang, Jiaying Li, YanJiao Chen


MSSS Dancing club is where we follow the music and enjoy the body rhythm.  I hope that our HKUST will be better and better because of the existence of our club! 0_副本Eugene YU CIVL PHD
am a girl of a great diversity of interests; I like sports, music, dancing, traveling, and piano. I think a community of any quality should have a whole range of skills and interests. Therefore, the first time I know MSSS dancing club, I joined it and couldn’t help to love it. We gather together every weekend, learn new moves, meet new friends, enjoy dancing, enjoy music, and of course, enjoy the happiness brought by dancing. Do you want to enjoy life to the full? Do you want to keep slim figure? Do you want to meet new friends? Come on, seize this opportunity, and don’t hesitate to join us. Kris Pan,IOSM PhD
Fascination”.This is what I always feel in the club. It is the atmosphere all around the club, all the time. The members are so friendly, general and passionate that I could enjoy the dance with them easily even without any dancing experience. I love staying with them, truly.Moreover, dancing is a skillful, tasteful and graceful art which can benefit people not only physically but also mentally through their whole life. Now, what about enjoying this wonderful art on a beautiful campus with a bunch of nice persons? I just cannot find a reason to reject it. I am in, and I am fascinated. Zhang Rong,ME PHD
I have been in love with Latin dance for a long time. My body just can’t help to move with the rhythm whenever I listen to Latin music. However,It was until I joined MSSS dancing club, I finally got chance to learn and practice it regularly. Here, I get family with a lot of friends who have the same dream as mine, and an affable teacher who always give us patient instructions. Their authentic passion for dance impresses me so much, that I feel like it opens a new chapter in my life. I even become more happy and efficient while doing other things though I am busy or tired. I wish we could share our love to dance and passion for life with you, and make you happier. Come on, let’s dance together.! Lulin Quan, MECH
My name is Thusitha Chandrapala, and I’m a PhD student in ECE. My home country is Sri Lanka. My hobbies are dancing, hiking and reading novels. I have been a member of the MSSS dancing club since 2012. I have tried learning different styles of Latin and Ballroom dancing, and my favorite is Samba. cropThusitha Chandrapala, ECE PhD
  • A clean technique helps unleash your passion and heart.
  • No CBM, No Dance.
  • Practice, practice and practice HARDER!
Leo, Ni XIE   CHEM PhD
To be honest, I’m still in a primary level of dancing, compared with those god-like dancers in our club. I just enjoy the learning process that every Saterday we grow up with one or two new steps, the feelings that every term we have more and more fresh faces, and the happiness that I can dance with different ladies (that’s the key point lol). Apart from regular dance, we also hold a variety of parties such as squid fishing, BBQ, etc. So don’t hesitate to join this big family, I’m pretty sure your life will become more enriched and shining.
IMGP6551 (1)_副本Xu Ke,ME,PHD
Dancing club is another home for me, where we can relax ourselves and enjoy happiness. And I am so lucky continuing latin dancing in our club when I enter HKUST for further education .In here, I made friends with such  dancing lovers and follow the music to enjoy body rhythm. Come on, dancing with us!
image (13)_副本 Linda Li
CBME Mphil
Our committee members in the past include
Mark Wang, Alex Fei, Cheng Yang, Cynthia Lu, Ying Xu, Westing Zhao, Matthew Zhang, Richard Chen, Jennifer Ji, Luke Lu, Daisy Luo, Chen Zhou, Junele Yuh, Kevin Lee, Qin Zhang, Rick Li, Vivian Li, Rong Zhang, Jocelyn Liao, Zhiguo Ren, Daoding Qin, Jing Wang, Roy Ho, Yinghui Ma and Ying He.


One of the reasons that I get to know about “Salsa” is because I’m in Hong Kong- one of the hottest cities in the world. When I heard about a free Salsa party in C-Club (Central) and started to prepare the basic steps for it, I found that this dance was really easy to learn and yet still sexy! It was not as fancy and intimidating as the international Latin dance(which I love, by the way), but it was really a good dance to release your passion, to express yourself with your own freestyle, and, to simply enjoy the music and dance fun with other people, friends or future friends.As I digged more deeply, I realized that the Salsa dance was really an universal language. I’ve danced with people from Brazil, Porto rico, Mexico, US, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, India, France, Germany, Spain … and with their slightly different style, everybody is enjoying the salsa fun. The reason for its popularity is that it is easy and fun, and that’s why I pick salsa above other dances, and start the new MSSS Dancing club with my friends in HKUST.I enjoyed a lot in learning to dance, teaching dancing, and coaching our own dance teachers. And it is amazing to see how this simple activity could generate so much heat in the crowd and change so many lives, including mine. I’ve met so many friends who were brought together by the passion towards music and dances and it was almost impossible for me the image 2 years ago, that dancing is one of the most valuable experience in my life in HKUST. Mark Wang
IELM Mphil
Before I joined Msss dancing club, I haven’t learned any dance.But I think I am a music fan. Every time when I heard something rhythmic, I always want to rock my body. Salsa gives me a very wonderful chance to realize my talent on music. I feel happy and lucky that I was introduced to this big party. Every weekend we have the chance to enjoy dancing and music with our friends together. What a amazing life we have. I think you can own this also if you want. Join us!!! We are salsa family. Alex Fei
I like music, I also like sports, I want to express my emotion in both elegant and zealous manners. I had never danced before, not until I came to this club one night, then I knew Mark, the most enthusiastic guy of dance in UST. I did not realize that I fell in love with dancing so quickly. Thanks to him that he brought me into this fantastic world.Dancing can help release the pressure, improve the body elasticity and coordination, it can also help to enhance the skill of communication with other people. Among all types of dance, I like Salsa very much. Salsa is a kind of Latins which does not require a learner having much dancing basis, but it is the sexiest and it can be played by a group of people all-together. What is more, since the basic movements are almost the same for each type of dance, such as Latins or Jazz, what I have learned here also benefits me a lot when I am going to dance other types. Our club is different from any other dancing club,it is open for all the students and staffs in UST; it is our own club, and each of our committee member is a true fan of dancing. We have spent a lot of time making it appears better.
I wish you can enjoy yourself here and get what you want.
Cheng YangCHEM PhD
I‘m an active member of Msss dancing club. Since the first time I learned Salsa from Mark, I couldn’t forget it. I dance first by imitation and now more by feelings. Latin music and dance give me passion and energy which makes me more mature and sociable. Every weekend, I will get dressed up and enjoy every happy moment of dancing with handsome boys which is the best part of my university life. Now I’m the junior instructor of Salsa beginner’s class, my partner is Alex. We are all crazy about dancing and music. We designed such a website for our club and hope everyone can experience such fantastic art with us. From my heart and soul, dancing is to show your beauty, everyone is entitled and talented for this. Don’t be shy or hesitated, you can do it and do it brilliantly. Join us, you will never regret! Cynthia Lu
Personal Homepage
fell in love with Latin Dance at the first glance when I was young, and then it cost me almost ten years to find, learn and enjoy it. In fact I am not an extroversive girl in daily life, used to hide most of my emotions and feelings. However, Latin Dance, just lights the hidden enthusiasm and vitality in my heart. There is no better words than the saying in the movie “Dirty Dancing” which could express my favor : “dancing is about being exactly who you want to be in that moment” .Yes, that it is.So why salsa? Salsa, as I am concerned, is the easiest Latin dance—easy to learn, easy to show and easy to enjoy. Without beautiful skirts, high-heel shoes or a handsome partner, you could also dance yourself. Come on! There is a new world waiting for you, just in Salsa and dancing! Ying XuIELM Mphil
I never thought I could realy dance until I started to learn ballroom dance last year. Beginning with Chachacha,I’ve been exposed to Waltz, Jive, Tango and Samba. However, none of them doesn’t require a solid foundation of basic skills to move forward. I was a little bit depressed at that time until Salsa found me.Thanks Mark for introducing me such a wonderful dance. As far as I know, it’s the easiest dance to start, and with absolutely no discount on the fun and passion you can get. Salsa requires very limited basics but offer quite a lot of possibilities to show personal styles. Believe it or not, after only 2-4 trainings, most of the freshers can dance freely. Perfect choice for relaxing, esp. for RPG like me. 😛 I’m so happy to join this club. Guys here are all super funs of Salsa. We learn moves together and share happiness together. So, if you want to get some fun/friends by dancing why hesitate to join us ? Give it a shot and I’m sure it will never let you down! 🙂 Westing ZhaoBIOL  PhD
I‘m Matthew. I didn’t learn any dance before I joined Salsa
club, and I was not very interested in dancing at that time. However, I
began to change my mind after I watched the clips about Salsa from Mark,
and I found it not as difficult to follow as I thought before. At the
beginning I was still a little shy, but now I feel comfortable and I can
enjoy dancing with friends every weekend. Join us and you’ll find it’s
really a wonderful time!
Matthew ZhangIELM PhD
When I came to this beautiful campus, I realized that I should also have a beautiful life here. Actually, the life is so boring at first, as I have left most of my good friends. Fortunately, I get the chance to know the salsa club. This is really a kind family. I meet a lot of friends here. It is also amazing that I could dance with feeling now, while I even do not know the basic step at beginning. I now really appreciate there are such a beautiful party in my campus life. Come and join us, you will find a new wonderful life too! Richard ChenCIVL Mphil
In 2007, I became a fan of Salsa dance. As a beginner,I put my whole heart into the weekly group practice. Believe me! when you start to touch this type of dance, you will fall in love with it.Shall we dance~ ~ feel the music flowing in your blood~BTW, it is the most convenient way for
ladies to keep fit!
I was tired but however I could not stop dancing. How could it be, I have no idea. Ever since the day I touch the fantastic Latin dance music feel the sexy motion and smell the endless charming style, there exists no stuff as to make me awake from dream, the beautiful dream. That is the fascination of SALSA, free and easy. Different from Rumba Samba and Cha-cha, I prefer to call it a game, the most beautiful and ugly, tidy and dirty, depending on how you treat it. Wanna dance? Just dance. Luke LuCIVL PhD
Every girl would have her own dream of dancing, but I
have never thought that I could really dance on the stage. When I was watching some fantastic dancers performing, I could not help imagining my own dancing performance. Now this dream has become true. After I joined salsa club for half year, I gave my first performance with other excellent club members. I have no dancing basic before, but I learn step by step in the beginner and advanced class. It
is not only the dancing skills I have learned from other members, but their passion about salsa. Although I
am not a skilled salsa dancer now, every time when the music is on, I feel happy dancing with the rhythm, which I think is the essential thing dancing gives us. It
is also my pleasure that I meet a lot of friendly people in the club. If you really like dancing, come and join us, let
us be crazy about salsa dance.
Daisy LuoELEC PhD
It is really difficult to describe what dance means in my life. In retrospect of the past 4 years since I approached the art of dance, dance granted me a lot. When I experienced the first toughest time of application, joining the dancing party very Friday was the only outlet to calm my anxious heart. The elegance of Waltz, the passion of Tango, as well as the enjoyment of ��being lead to appear more charming��, constantly attracted me��
In the first more than one year of my life in HK, I subtly felt life was not that complete, yet failed to recognize it was because dance was out of my life.
Thanks to my friend Monica and Lyric, who took me into the world of Latin dance. From then on, I gradually appreciated the sexy, passionate nature of such a dance style, and more importantly, a refreshed life.
Thanks to Lyric again, as he introduced me to the Salsa dance club of HKUST. The casual yet sexy, relaxed manner of Salsa brought me endless fun. More crucially, I met lots of friends who are as well passionate about dance. Being together with my new friends, I felt relaxed, delighted and comfortable. The rest a couple of months of my HK life would be my beautiful memory because of you guys.:)
It is too exaggerated to say that I can��t live without dance, but it is definitely true that dance makes my life more complete
Chen ZhouBUSINESS Mphil
To be honest, I am a boring girl without many interests or hobbies. I don’t like travelling, don’t like sports and even don’t like shopping. In one word, I am a lazy girl. But, I think you’ve known I will say the “but”, yes, when I met Salsa, I was deeply attracted. As to a girl like me without any foundation of dancing, salsa is easy to learn. You can spend two or three weeks to learn some basic steps and combine them together to dance and dance continuously with a bright music. You will feel happy and have a strong sense of accomplishment. And if you think you are not too bad in the dancing pool, you will continue and obtain much more happiness. Trust me, join us,touch salsa, and you will be more beautiful and self-confident. Junelle YuMECH Mphil
Frankly speaking, the first time I went to the salsa class I just want to get out of stress and tension from science and technology. With time going on, I gradually find that this dance is interesting and easy to learn. You do not have to have any experience and just learn some basic steps, then adding your own style, you get fantastic performance. Then I was introduced into the club by luke, where I met lot of good friends who are crazy about this dance and pleased to help others. I found I learned so much from them and really enjoyed this activity. I love this big family!
If you want to learn something about latin, and meet new friends, come on, do not hesitate to join us, you will find a new and funny world here!
Kevin LeeMECH Mphil
To me, one way to get out the meaningless world is to “drown in the ART”. Just touch the music, taste the fragrance and then fall down. The Latin dance invites me to a new world, a world without logic and reason, a place that is free and full of passion. Physically, dancing is really helpful to people like me that are sitting in front of the computer all the days. So just come, and make friends with people all around UST. Qin ZhangCSE PhD
When I was young I was attracted by the fancy movement of ballroom dancing in TV. In year 2003 I began to learn standard Latin and Modern dance, which I really enjoy. I’m not good at music and dancing but now I believe that you can improve your skills through hard working and long term training. Everyone can succeed in dance because it’s designed for human being, for everyone. I’m happy that I could learn Salsa here in HKUST with a lot of new friends. It’s a more free style of dancing and is very suitable for social purpose. Rick LiCSE PhD
I feel very lucky that I came across with dancing club in HKUST because of a piece of poster on the wall. Then I began to learn salsa every Sunday night and can’t help falling in love with her. That’s one of the most important events after I came to Hong Kong. Every week I am looking forward to the happy and exciting dancing time on Sunday. We dance with music and release our emotion with body. Besides, I know lots of friends in this club. They are active, funny, helpful and optimistic! What a wonderful group! Welcome to join us! Let’s dance and share happiness together! Vivian LiBICH PhD
“Fascination”.This is what I always feel in the club. It is the atmosphere all around the club, all the time. The members are so friendly, general and passionate that I could enjoy the dance with them easily even without any dancing experience. I love staying with them, truly.Moreover, dancing is a skillful, tasteful and graceful art which can benefit people not only physically but also mentally through their whole life. Now, what about enjoying this wonderful art on a beautiful campus with a bunch of nice persons? I just cannot find a reason to reject it. I am in, and I am fascinated. ZhangRongME Mphil
I was a hip-hop girl in undergraduate life. Even though the Latin dance showed on TV fascinated me each time, I never thought I could have a chance to learn and dance it, until I joined MSSS Dancing Club which made up by enthusiastic and friendly people.
So far, these two months bringing me a new life in UST, I am learning Jive now, and I found I Love Rumba so much though watching some videos. I just want to sing: I welcome you inside my life, you touched my heart, and I stand so inspired to take you. Just dance on fire as it intends, C’est La Vie !
Jocelyn LiaoCIVL Mphil
I like sport, but am not strong enough. I like music, but haven’t a golden voice.
With a curious nature and interest, I join the salsa club. Excited by the passion
of music, I think dancing should be the best window to express the passion of
life. Without any experience, but with awkward imitation, I started my dancing
exercise from zero level. Difficultly moving forward, with smiling and laughing, I
learn some basic patterns, although fall behind other guys with talent. In the
friendly group, I am pleasure to continue going on the way. I like dancing, and
like to play with others or alone. In some day, when I can skilled dance with
musical rhythm, everyone who thought dancing is too difficult to learn should
believe yourself, that you can do it better. Keeping optimistic, keeping active,
keeping exercise, and pursuing the soul of dancing, I believe the sky is blue, and
dancing is everlasting.
Zhiguo RenMECH PhD
T he show of ��salsa�� on the evening party celebrating National Day created a bridge between dance and me, moreover excited my interest and emotion to learn senior courses-Latin dance. And now Latin dance makes me fall in love with the art of dance, understand how to feel the intrinsic emotion both the gesture and music tend to deliver and most importantly, nothing is possible without insistence and interest. Even though I do not have gift, but now, I can dance, my heart beat like a dancing miracle! Daoding QinMECH PhD

One year
ago, an accidental opportunity happened to let me know the 2009 National Day evening party, and happened to let me know salsa just there. Only 4 minutes changed all my life in HKUST. I can’t help joining to learn salsa, hence I made many of my friends through that. And then, I join MSSS Dancing club. I was deeply inspired by the music, and moved by the passion of every one. We are a family; no matter rumba, or chacha, no
matter Jocelyn or Lulin, you have taught me a great deal about how to follow the rhythm and rhyme, how to practice, as well as how to find the feeling. I will give my support to MSSS Dancing Club all along for the love you ever give me.

Jing WangNA-EN PhD

I  enjoyed dancing so much as it enables me to relax and become healthier.
Dancing is a kind of sport that combines the rhythm of music and body movements. After I have practised the dancing steps with the spirit of music, my arms and legs will surprisingly start to dance when I listen to the song again. I have the refreshing feeling in my mind through the dancing activities. My first learning lesson is the Latin dance.
Although, it requires me to remember a lot of steps and movements, I have got the satisfaction and confidence after mastering it. My body needs to be straight so that I won’t lose my balance. If the music has a faster beats, my limbs will dance as quick as I can. As a result, I have a better body coordination, shape and sense of rhythm.

Besides, I have met a lot of friends in the dancing family. We can discuss the dancing steps and practise together. This is a valuable experience that I can join the big family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following committee members. Our dancing club is so successful because of your great contributions.For Luke, Kris, Zhang Rong and Yu Zhou: Thanks for your guidance and perfect demonstration during the practice. For Zhiguo: Thanks for your clothing for the performance. For Matthew: Thanks for your video recording. For Yang Cheng: Thanks for the congratulations.I will give my support in the coming events. Nice to meet all of wonderful dancers!



Latin dance, one of my favorite dancing. I fell in love with it when I watched the movie , the sexy and wonderful move, partnership, and the rhythm, also, the dress. I love them! I love watching dance movies, dance shows.  Being able to dance a routine is my dream since then.I didn’t have too many chances to learn Latin dance before, but I managed to learn some basic steps. I thought I would never have a chance to learn Latin dance here. However, I am so lucky to have Jocelyn introduce me to this wonderful dancing club. And now I met a lot of wonderful seniors: Luke, Matthew, Jocelyn, Roy, Lulin Quan, Kris…and others.  Thank you, really. You give me the courage to hold on my dancing dream. Thank you for giving me a chance to realize my dream and help me to be alive. Yinghui MaCIVIL MPhil

Searching my memory house,
I can recall every piece of moments that I learned dancing when I was a child. Actually what I learned is Chinese folk dance, since at that time the Latin dance was not so popular throughout China, which is definitely not the case nowadays. The first time I got in touch with Latin dance is when I was year 2 in college, when we performed JIVE in the collective dance competition. That experience enlightens me to find the way into
the world of Latin dance.Even before I came to UST I’ve heard about MSSS dancing club and their Salsa class, and I felt so excited that there is such an excellent group which could offer me the opportunity to continue my dreaming of Latin dance. However, because of the stressful study I didn’t seize the chance when I was a freshman, which for me is a huge regret. In the second year, the stress and tension were still there, but I said to myself, I must make some change and to be brave to hold my dream tightly-so I came here.

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During that time, to learn dancing in our club, to meet new friends and enjoy every Saturday night, has become an indispensable part of my life in UST, which is for me, also a source of joy and strength. I do love here, and love every member in our club. This is an excellent group of people, who are not only passionate about dancing, but also devote themselves to expressing the happiness to other people in need. I am so glad and honored to be absorbed as one part of our club. After many years gone by, I do believe this piece of memory would still be flashing in the recesses of my memory gallery. Join us now! To dance with the music, dance with the wind, and dance with your dream!

Helen, Ying HeLIFS MPhil