【Distinguished Speakers Series 2014】成功举办

2014年11月3日晚, 由香港科技大学内地学生学者联谊会(MSSS)与香港科技大学学生会(SU),香港科技大学国际学生协会(ISA)共同筹办的刘明康讲座成功举行。这也是MSSS,SU,ISA首次共同举办Distinguished Speakers Series,体现了1-HKUST精神。

活动当晚,校长陈繁昌,副校长翁以登,MSSS主席叶伟光,SU主席罗纬纶,ISA主席Wei Song Lim均出席讲座。讲座于六点开始,刘明康先生以“信息时代的变化与机遇”为题,结合自身的经历,展示了信息时代社会的变化以及其中蕴藏的机遇。之后,进行了Q&A环节,同学们积极踊跃地就讲座内容和刘明康先生进行了进一步的交流。整个活动得到了校领导和同学们的一致好评。





【Distinguished Speakers Series 2014】

Information technology keeps powering our modern life. Promoted by advancements during the past decades, business, education and public welfare are booming.

From the perspective of an economist, what are the Changes and Opportunities in this information age?

Here, we are very honored to have Dr. Liu Mingkang (劉明康)—the First Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission(中國銀監會,CBRC) as our guest speaker. He will share his professional opinion on “Changes and Opportunities in the Information Age“.

Time: 18:00-19:30
Date: 3rd November 2014 (Mon.)
Venue: LT-B, HKUST
Language: English


Refreshment will be served at 17:40 outside LT-B.

The talk is free and open to all the students and staff of HKUST.

Please register here before 23:59 on 1st Nov. 2014.

*Mainland Students and Scholars Society (MSSS), Students’ Union (HKUSTSU) and International Students Association (ISA) join hands in organizing this grand event. Under the guidance of 1-HKUST spirit, we work together and bring brilliant minds to HKUST.